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Container performance

Container performance embraces various fields of research, such as material, chemical, physical and mechanical engineering. Accurately testing container performance (product/use-dependent) ensures both the quality of the drug product and the well-being of the end user.

Should forensic analyses be required, correctly identifying the root cause is fundamental for improving the product/process.

  • Break-loose force and glide force testing
  • Torque force testing (screwing/unscrewing force)
  • Pull force testing (needle, tip cap, needle shield)
  • Compression testing
  • Fractography testing
  • Tribology testing
  • Container closure integrity/leakage/residual seal force testing
  • Sub-visible and visible particle measurement and characterisation
  • Climatic and accelerated ageing testing
  • Customized functional testing (product-dependent)
  • Dynamometers: glide force/compression/leakage testing/torque force/residual seal force
  • Optical microscopes (light, stereo and DIC microscopy): surface and material imaging
  • FE-SEM-EDX: high-resolution imaging, elemental identification and quantitative compositional information
  • Tribometer: tribological properties of materials
  • Micro-flow imaging: sub-visible particle detection, counting and characterisation
  • Light obscuration: sub-visible particle counting
  • Autoclaves, climatic chambers, fan ovens and muffles: accelerated ageing testing
  • Dye ingress
  • Vacuum decay
  • Helium leakage
  • Tomography

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