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Surface Characterisation

The most important part of the container system is that which comes into direct contact with the pharmaceutical product; having a detailed characterisation of the surfaces, therefore, is crucial to correctly assess container performance.

Container surface characterisation provides the necessary information to confirm the system’s physical-chemical performance.

  • Surface morphology imaging and characterisation
  • Defect investigation
  • Silicone layer characterisation
  • Contamination identification
  • Material characterisation
  • FE-SEM-EDX: high-resolution imaging, elemental identification and quantitative compositional information
  • FT-IR spectrometer: organic compounds/materials
  • FT-IR microscope: organic compounds/materials at trace level
  • RapID Layer Explorer: silicone layer thickness and distribution
  • ZebraSci FLEX: silicone oil coverage
  • Optical microscopes (light, stereo and DIC microscopy): surface and material imaging
  • Optical profilometer: surface roughness and 3D surface characterisation

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